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This activity is provided for designers and technologists in case of the demand for detection of critical defects and their removal by changes of production procedures. In individual cases we can recommend suitable testing and evaluation procedures in compliance with various existing standards, respectively cooperate on the development of your own procedures and criteria in compliance with specific requirements of our customer.

Our company provides the inspection activity as the authority independent of the contract between the customer and his supplier – so called third party. The inspection activity is carried out in the area of taking delivery of materials, weldment, castings, forgings and final assemblies. In the course of these inspections we supervise the results of tests, 3D checks, integrity of assemblies, completeness of technical documentation of products and other appropriate requirements in compliance with contractually defined demands of individual parties of the business relation.

Consultancies and consultations
Inspection activity

the most commonly used method. It deals with the so called “volume method”

volume method partly replacing or complementing RT check. The principle

surface method (it reveals defects communicating with the surface or situated

surface method indicating only defects communicating with the surface. Colourful

surface check which is based on monitoring the surface and searching for defects which

defectoscopy laboratory

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